Data and Network Security Solutions STL provides data and network security services including risk assessments and audits, attack & penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, system administration, secure network design, incident response, investigation and related disaster recovery. We take stringent security measures to protect private networks from the public Internet. Our highly trained staffs are conversant with the latest innovations, which helps us maintain a leadership position in network management. We also partner with outside vendors to augment staff or fulfill customer needs if required. Please contact us for more information. back to top Disaster Recovery /Business Continuity Solutions At STL, we regard disaster recovery plan as a very important component of business continuity from the IT perspective. A resilient storage management system is no doubt very essential, but is not enough to guarantee continuity. We therefore believe that a strategy that will provide zero tolerance to down time must be able to provide alternative modes of operation for those business processes which, if they were to be interrupted, might otherwise bring about a seriously damaging or potentially fatal loss to the organization. This goes beyond backups and procedures. With the recent increase in the terrorist attacks and natural disasters around the globe, the need for disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans cannot be over emphasized especially for organizations heavily dependent on information technology. Please contact us for more information. back to top
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